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At Prima Health Care we are committed to recruiting the top physicians and health care providers dedicated to delivering the highest quality individualized and patient-focused health care. Whether you choose to visit our Boardman or Columbiana location, the physicians of Prima Health Care will take the time to understand your overall health and are ready to lend their expertise to assist in creating a comprehensive health care program specifically for you and your family. In addition our knowledgeable health care providers strive to stay on top of leading-edge health care trends, best practices and technology, so we can be the Valley’s total health care solution.

Currently, most of our physicians are accepting new patients. Select a physician below to learn more or feel free to call 330-482-5683 in order to discuss which health care provider is the right fit for you and your family.

Prima Primary Care

Provider Name Specialty Location
AnnMarie Bonetti, D.O. Family Medicine Columbiana
Albert Buch, D.O. Internal Medicine Columbiana
Sandra M. Casacchia, PA-C Family Medicine ALL
Lindsay Corll, N.P. Family Medicine Salem
Steven Croston, PA-C Family Medicine Salem
Lori Anne Crowl, M.D. Family Medicine Columbiana, Salem
A.H. Davis III, PA-C Family Medicine ALL
Damien Deist, D.O. Family Medicine ALL
Steven M. DeMaiolo, D.O. Internal Medicine ALL
Mark Evans, M.D. Family Medicine Columbiana
Themelina Gaetano, M.D. Pediatrics Columbiana, Boardman
Lori J. Grenich, NP Adults Columbiana, Boardman
Jeffrey W. Kempe, M.D. Internal Medicine Columbiana, Boardman
Timothy R. Lockso, D.O. Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Boardman
Denis R. Lunne, M.D. Internal Medicine Columbiana, Salem
Armand Minotti, D.O. Family Medicine Boardman
Joseph Rousher, D.O. Family Medicine Boardman
Jocelyn F. Shimek, D.O. Internal Medicine Salem
Mark Shivers, M.D. Family Medicine Salem
Richard A. Simmons, D.O. Family Medicine Columbiana
Homer L. Skinner, D.O. Family Medicine Columbiana
Manuel M. Spirtos, M.D. Pediatrics Boardman
Thomas R. Timko, M.D. Internal Medicine Columbiana
Thomas J. Traikoff, D.O. Family Medicine Boardman
Marc S. Ucchino, D.O. Family Medicine Columbiana
Luis E. Villaplana, M.D. Internal Medicine Boardman
Chad L. Volovar, M.D. Family Medicine Boardman

Prima Specialty/Surgical Care

Provider Name Specialty Location
David N. Baer, D.P.M., A.B.L.E.S. Podiatry Boardman, Columbiana
Joseph Francisco Jr., D.P.M. Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Boardman, Salem
Samina Hassan, M.D. Rheumatologist Boardman, Columbiana
Matthew M. Narducci, D.P.M. Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Columbiana, Salem
Andrew E. Schmutz, D.C., F.A.C.O. Chiropractor Columbiana, Boardman